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BIA-ALCL is very rare and uncommon cancer of the scar envelope that the body naturally forms around a breast implant and not the breast tissue itself.  Unlike breast cancer which occurs in 1 out of 10 women.  BIA-ALCL is estimated to occur in roughly 1 out of 30,000 breast implant patients.  It appears to be associated with fluid that develops around the scar envelope called the capsule.  The fluid in BIA-ALCL generally presents after about several years after breast implants as a new fullness or enlargement. The fluid if it develops can be tested for CD30 immune staining.  It’s important to note that the vast majority of fluid collections will be normal. If however the fluid is positive removal of the capsule and implants is usually curative.

BIA-ALCL appears to develop predominantly in patients who have textured implants with high surface area/roughness devices, such as Allergan Biocell and polyurethane coating, compared to smooth surface implants. These highly textured devices are no longer being used. The FDA currently recommends that patients without breast changes or symptoms only need routine follow up and do not need to have their implants removed.  If you had implant performed here at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center rest assured that they were not Allergan Biocell.  That being said if you have breast changes, fluid enlargement or any breast concerns please feel free to schedule an evaluation.  Below is a site where you can find more information.


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